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About ME

Hi, I'm Eija!

A little about my story

One of my favourite things as a child was looking at our family albums. I loved seeing things I couldn’t remember and traveling to times when I wasn’t even existing. Who my parents and my brother were before me, how they looked and what they did. There was so much nostalgia in those pictures. 

As a child, I also loved books and drawing. I remember dreaming in the evenings about the colours and subjects I would draw the next day. And with all the side-paths (bachelor of media engineering, office work, etc) I’ve taken in life and being a stay-at-home mum for three years, I keep coming back to those same things over and over again: visuals and stories. 

So here I am. Documenting honest stories about life, love and connection. The beauty of life, little things, quiet moments and real wild love. The messiness, the whimsy and weird, the dreamy and magical, and the ordinary. Those fleeting memories you want to hold on to. Everyone’s story is unique and I want to tell yours.

Get to know me, where my inspiration comes from and about my favorite things.

“Finding beauty in the ordinary”

The image here of my daughter holding my hand is one of the most cherished photographs I have of her. I just love that image and the story in it. It’s a simple image of something very common. We are walking together, hand in hand. She’s observing the world around us with the wonder that only a child could have. It’s a real and beautiful moment, something that’s our everyday now but someday it’s only a memory. 

I believe happiness is in the little things and moments like that. And I think that’s what my purpose here on earth is. Seeking the beauty of life that lies in the most simplest things and to document those honest moments with my own style. 

“Inspiration is found in everyday life, little things and connection with others”

My inspiration comes from people and their different stories, human connection, natural light, movement, nature, blue hour, traveling, films, the little things that often go unseen, the in-between moments, summer nights with friends, sitting in the silence, seeing the world through the eyes of my 4-years and listening to her playing.

“Simple living, a good story and endless ideas of things to create”

Drawing, painting, cooking - creating with my hands is something I truly enjoy. I’m one of those people who always has an endless list of things they want to learn and create.
Reading, watching good documentaries and films - I surely love a good story!
Swimming in a lake, riding bikes around the city, having picnics with friends - I enjoy the simple things in life. I truly value being with my family and loved ones. Exploring nature, bathing in a sauna and walking around our neighbourhood. I also love traveling. It always leaves me very happy and inspired.

My philosophy

Learn about the experience


   My approach to shooting is documentary, natural and simple with an artful touch. It’s about real moments and genuine feelings. I follow what unfolds before my eyes to create honest photographs of you.


     I’m a silent director. When I’m shooting I’m quiet but I’ll also give you cues and direction when needed. I might ask you to walk, sit down or lean to each other or something like that. But I won’t put you in stiff poses and ask you to smile for the camera. We’ll keep it simple and natural, true to you.


     It doesn’t matter if you are feeling nervous and awkward. I get that it is extremely vulnerable to be in front of the camera and I’m forever grateful for the people who are willing to do that. I work hard for you to feel comfortable and natural by having a lot of time for the session.


      I am allowing you to be yourselves while embracing the beauty and the unexpected, the in-between moments. So don’t mind if everything doesn’t go as planned. Windswept hair, clothes getting dirty, kids running away. Because it doesn’t matter. Life is not perfect and I want to capture all that.


      My style is a reflection of the people and their story, the place and the weather. So it’s not about doing everything the same way every time. It’s about you and your story.

love notes

Sisters lotta & pia

The photo shoot was a real fun experience and we felt completely at ease during the whole time! 

The shooting session with Eija felt easy and natural. Eija gave us instructions, which were easy to follow. At times, we almost forgot the presence of the camera.

jonna & totte

For us being photographed hasn’t felt that easy and natural before but Eija’s gentle approach and compassionate persona made us both feel relaxed and enjoy the new situation.

Annika & tomi

We felt trustful being photographed by Eija – it was easy to relax and the photoshoot felt natural and wonderfully special. She understood our wishes perfectly and fulfilled them even more beautifully than we could hope for.

henrika & mikko

love notes 

LEt's capture your story

Everyone has a story. My mission is to capture memories of this moment in your life through beautiful imagery.